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Covid insurance to enter Thailand

Enter Thailand with Luma Thailand Pass

Travel insurance plans are designed to meet the health insurance requirements for visitors wanting to enter Thailand during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ensured with Tune Protect.

Meet the requirements by Thai authorities to enter Thailand

Luma Thailand Pass Insurance provides medical cover starting from 50,000 USD including Covid-19 in Thailand. Coverage for medical expenses during the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) if tested positive. No waiting period, coverage starts as soon as you pass Thai immigration.

Certificate of Insurance

A certificate will be provided to facilitate applications for the Thailand Pass and Certificate of Entry (CoE).

Easy and fast application

Easy online application, receive insurance certificate in 5 minutes.

Luma Thailand Pass Insurance insured by Tune Protect


Starting from

Starting from 50,000 USD coverage required for Thailand Pass and COE application


Covid-19 cover in Thailand, with or without symptoms

No waiting period, cover starts as soon as you pass Thai immigration points

Mandatory Covid Insurance for Thailand

Coverage for medical expenses during Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) if tested positive

Apply online, receive insurance certificate

Piece of mind for you and your family

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Premiums for Luma Thailand Insurance Pass

Terms and Conditions for Luma Thailand Pass

1. The chosen period of coverage should match the applicants’ VISA stay in Thailand.

2. Applicants must be between 1-74 years old:

a. Applicants between 1-18 years old that are applying with parent(s) must have one of the parent's sign for them.

b. Applicants between 1-18 years old that are applying without parent(s) must have one of the parents stating the reason why the child is applying alone on the application form.

3. 1 person cannot apply for more than one policy with Tune.

4. Applicants must be in good health with no disability.

5. This policy does not cover preexisting conditions.

6. The Company reserves the right to refuse coverage to persons traveling to the following provinces: Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat.

7. The Company reserves the right to refuse coverage to applicants who are already infected with Coronavirus and/or applicants who are in a quarantine state.

8. Policyholders are required to settle payments with medical facilities upon getting treatments and submit claims for reimbursements.

Direct billing services can be operated on a case-by-case basis when contacting Customer Support prior to getting treatment.

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Mandatory 50,000 USD Covid Insurance needed when entering Thailand 

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“Luma Thailand Pass” is the commercial name of the domestic travel insurance policy insured by Tune Protect. Luma Care Co., Ltd. is licensed by the Office of Insurance Commission to sell non-life insurance in Thailand (registration number: ว00008/2555) and life insurance (registration number: ช00012/2564), online (see licence).

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